It starts with a plan.

 Day Planning with Daycast and Freshbooks

With all of your FreshBooks projects automatically imported into Daycast, you can easily build a day plan that advances your goals and minimizes reliance on interruptive tools and habits. 

• Ditch the inbox-as-administrator mindset

• Make space to work deeply


A plan that doubles as a time tracker.

 Time tracking with Daycast and freshbooks

Log in and out of tasks as you work through your day, and Daycast will track time for you. Time logged on FreshBooks projects is automatically sent to FreshBooks when you finalize your work session.

• Forget watching the clock

• Track without trying


And triples as a team communicator.

Update your team.gif

Daycast automatically updates your status to reflect your current task and broadcasts it instantly to your entire team. Customize your status easily and get up-to-the-minute views of teammates' progress.

• Reduce the interruptions

• Embrace transparency


Not a Daycast user yet?

Sync your FreshBooks account with Daycast. Got questions about using Daycast with FreshBooks? We've got answers here. See the user guides.

Not planning to use FreshBooks? No problem, you can integrate Daycast with other great tools or use it on its own. Either way, Daycast will help you make the most of your greatest asset: your time.