Integrate Basecamp Classic

If you track your time with Basecamp Classic, you can import your projects and to-dos into Daycast. And if you use Basecamp's time-tracking feature, you can use Daycast to track your time and send your time automatically to Basecamp. Here's how:

Click the vertical ellipsis at the far right in the Week Panel and select Integrations from the drop-down menu.

 Integrate Basecamp Classic with Daycast Day Planner

2. Select Basecamp Classic

Click in the Basecamp Classic configuration row to expand it. Check Sync To-Dos if you want Daycast to import your Basecamp to-dos along with your projects. Feel free to leave this box unchecked if you only want to pull projects from Basecamp.

 Day Planning Basecamp Classic Daycast

3. Enter Your Subdomain

This is the portion of your Basecamp account url just before (If you can’t recall, just log in to your Basecamp account and look in the address bar.) Type or copy and paste your subdomain into the subdomain field in Daycast.

Enter subdomain.png

4. Go to Basecamp

You’ll need to log in to your Basecamp account and navigate to the My Info page to find and copy your API token.

 Day Planner Daycast with Basecamp Classic Integration

5. Copy the API Token

At the bottom of your My Info page, you’ll see the Authentication tokens box. Click Show your tokens, then highlight and copy the Token for feed readers or the Basecamp API.

Copy the API.png

6. Paste and Test

Paste your API token into the token field in the Basecamp Classic configuration row. Then click Test.

 Integrate Basecamp Classic with Daycast Day Planning App

7. Integrate

Click Add Integration after successful testing. (If you left off part of your API token, Daycast will let you know the test failed. If that happens, just go back and copy your API token from Basecamp again.) You’ll see the box to the left of the configuration row checked off and a message letting you know the integration is complete.

 Basecamp Classic Day Planner Integration

8. Add Projects and To-Dos from Basecamp

Click Back to Tasks to add projects and to-dos using your new integration. Simply click the plus icon in your Day Plan and choose a Basecamp project from the dropdown menu to pull its associated to-dos. Next, click the boxed arrow to the left of the project field and select your to-do.

 Time Tracker Basecamp Classic Integration

You're now ready to track time against your Basecamp task and project.

Add to-do_layer 3.png

If you chose not to sync your Basecamp to-dos, you'll type your task manually and clock in to track time to your selected Basecamp project.

9. Push Time

If you’re using Basecamp’s time-tracking feature, this integration will push your time to Basecamp each time you close your work session by clicking Finalize Day.

 Basecamp Classic Time Tracking Integration

That's it. You’re pulling projects and to-dos and pushing time to Basecamp Classic. Well done and happy ‘casting! (Got questions? Find answers in our Basecamp FAQ.)