An open letter to all Project Recon Users:

If you are, or have been, a Project Recon user, we are excited to show you Daycast!

Project Recon was our first time-tracking application and we grew a lot building and supporting it over many years. We also met a bunch of great people working in remote teams like ours.

Daycast has been created to address some of the shortcomings we and our users saw in Project Recon and, to be honest, the shortcomings we saw in our approach to remote work in general. 

Daycast improves on Project Recon in many ways. In particular, Daycast is more “team aware” than Project Recon ever was. Daycast allows you to harmonize your current assignments with your daily plan, then use your plan to log time and communicate to your team.

Daycast shares core values with Project Recon. Just like Project Recon, Daycast is:

  1. Integrated with Basecamp Classic’s Projects and To-dos
  2. A seamless, always-on, way to log time to Basecamp

Daycast also:

  1. Lets you plan your day in advance and then log time into your plan
  2. Allows you to share your plan and current status with your team
  3. Integrates with Pivotal Tracker for assigned stories (more integrations in the works!)

You can get started with Daycast in 5 minutes, with no obligation, right now - get Daycast, and if you need extra help, follow the Basecamp Classic Quick-Start guide.

Anyone can try Daycast for free for 2 months, but as a former Project Recon purchaser, we want to offer you an extended period of free use for all of 2017. That's up to one full year of Daycast use for free. 

Here's how to get your free trial for all of 2017:

1. Be a former Project Recon purchaser or currently on the Project Recon mailing list.
2. Get Daycast, and create a Daycast account (takes 5 min, no credit card or other commitment needed).
3. Send an email to with the keyword PRDC2017 and the address you used for your new Daycast account.

Eligible and already started a Daycast trial?  

No Problem. Just send us the PRDC2017 email and we’ll extend your current trial to cover the remainder of 2017. 

If Daycast sounds interesting, but not quite ready as a Project Recon replacement for you, no problem. If you remain on the Project Recon mailing list, this offer will be available to you any time in 2017, in the meantime, please register for the Daycast mailing list and let us know what Daycast is missing here.

Remotely yours, the Daycast Team (formerly the Project Recon team)