Plan your day. Track your time. Update your team. 


Plan Your Day Your Way

Create a flexible plan for your day. Just start typing or build your day's plan from yesterday's unfinished items. You can also build your day from assignments in other productivity tools like Basecamp and Pivotal Tracker

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Track Your Time Easily

With Daycast, your planner is your time tracker. Simply clock in and out of tasks as you work through your day, and Daycast will log your time. Use in-app time reports and send finalized hours to integrated tools.

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"We have a lot of competing priorities and a very small team. It is critical for us to know where our time is being spent. With Daycast, I can set up all of my tasks and clock in and out of them as I switch between them. This relieves me from making frequent entries into the spreadsheet each day, and at the end of the week, I don’t have to try and remember where my time was spent. It has streamlined the time reporting process immensely. It has also improved the accuracy of my time reporting."

- Dave Atkinson, IO Solutions


Update Your Team Automatically

Daycast is the team-aware planner. Your plan communicates your priorities and tasks as well as your minute-to-minute status broadcast. You can also see what your team has done, is working on, and plans to do. 

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Transparency, communication, and collaboration for your distributed teams.