Do You Struggle With Time Management?

  • Are distractions killing your focus?

  • Do your workdays feel busy but fruitless?

  • Did your last time management effort give you headaches?

  • Is time tracking an interruptive chore?

  • Are your best ideas gathering dust?

  • Does updating your team mean breaking your concentration?



3 Steps To Calm Productivity

Day planning with Daycast

Step 1: Plan

Build a day plan that advances your goals and minimizes reliance on interruptive habits.

Time tracking with Daycast

Step 2: Track

Seamlessly track your time by logging in and out of tasks in your day plan as you work.

Team transparency with Daycast

Step 3: Inform

Effortlessly inform your team—your status updates automatically to reflect your current task.



It is critical for us to know where our time is being spent. With Daycast, I can set up all of my tasks and clock in and out of them as I switch between them. It has streamlined the reporting process immensely. It has also improved the accuracy of my time reporting."

- Dave Atkinson, IO Solutions


What Makes Daycast Different?

It's not prescriptive.
You don't have to adopt any particular philosophy to use Daycast effectively. It’s flexible enough to work well with your favorite methodology and to gently guide you to productivity even if your methods are evolving.

It makes time tracking frictionless.
With Daycast, your day planner is your time tracker. Which means you don't have to fracture your focus just to keep track of your hours.

If you use it with a team, it's silo-busting.
Ever spent a morning on something for a teammate only to discover that they’d rerouted? With Daycast, teams know what everyone’s working on at any given moment.


Don't let rigorous systems and complex software lead you further down the busy-with-nothing-to-show-for-it hole.
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You have what it takes.

Harness your focus and shepherd your projects to their fullest potential.

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