Focus begins with planning.


Thoughtfully plan your day, selecting tasks and projects from various work sources.



Pivot as needed, letting the notifications notify—not command like Pavlovian bells.



Dedicate 5-10 minutes of each work session to day planning and watch true productivity outpace hollow busyness.


Hassle-free time tracking minimizes disruptions.


Track time accurately by logging in and out of tasks as you work through your day.



Enjoy the flexibility that comes with tracking in real time—no need to shoehorn your efforts into rigid time blocks.



Watch your productivity increase steadily over time, as Daycast's behind-the-scenes tracking frees up more and more of your focus.


Team communication doesn't have to be interruptive.


Automatic status updates mean anyone on your team will know with just a glance what you're working on.



Has your teammate got that report you're waiting for on their to-do list? Find out instantly with up-to-the-minute views of their entire day.



Easy-to-customize statuses keep your team connected and informed without disruptions.