We're Open Door Teams, an entirely distributed group of developers, analysts, and systems administrators creating web applications and development services for the research and software development industries. Our software and processes enable the world’s distributed teams to sustainably accomplish great things. Together. Remotely.

We work apart—together.

For twenty years, our team has been remote. Remote from our clients, remote from each other. Across miles and time zones, we come together each day to build useful products and processes within a vibrant, thriving culture


We're selective about our tools.

There are many upsides to remote work. There are also downsides. We choose our tools carefully to amplify the upsides and chip away at the downsides. And when what we need doesn't exist, we build it. A few of the tools we use every day:


We're passionate about our vision.

We are building a company that delivers excellence in software design, development, and support from a workplace that values mentorship, fosters professional growth, and supports sustainable, family-oriented lifestyles. Every day we work to become better at what we do and how we do it. We strive to deliver excellence to our customers. We are known for our fanatical focus on the user. We listen. We deliver. We have fun. We are home at night.


We're excited to share Daycast with you.

With Daycast, we recapture some of what's good about synchronous, brick-and-mortar workplaces while retaining all the upsides of distributed, asynchronous workspaces. We plan our days, track our time, and stay informed of each other's activity with Daycast. It's our first SaaS product. We use it every day. Hope you will too.