Because the workplace has changed.

For the last two decades, we at Open Door Teams have worked together while physically apart in an increasingly interruptive, richly connected world. Over the years we've fought with stubborn gaps between modern working conditions and legacy approaches to work—gaps in our ability to:

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Elevate high-value projects above a constant stream of lower-value to-dos

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Track time accurately without losing the flexibility that makes non-traditional work arrangements so appealing

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Synergize and optimize team efforts across departments, miles, and time zones

With Daycast, we fill those gaps

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 Daycast centralizes work

It centralizes work.

When we work from multiple sources (email, project management tools, calendars, etc.), it’s difficult to plan effectively, to prioritize tasks for maximum long-term value. Similarly, working from various feeds creates blind spots—it’s difficult to tell what other team members are working on.

Working alongside existing tools, Daycast merges work feeds and dissolves blind spots, making objectives easier to achieve.

 Daycast simplifies time-tracking

It simplifies time-tracking.

When our time-trackers operate separately from our work feeds, logging hours is just one more chore in an already full day. Moreover, time-tracking that’s bound to time-of-day leaves us no choice but to shoehorn our efforts into rigid blocks of time.

Daycast keeps track of the workday right where it’s planned. And because it tracks in real time, it allows for greater flexibility and accuracy than time-of-day systems do.

 Daycast closes the distance

It closes the distance.

When we work in silos, only sharing problems and results up the supervisory chain, we miss out on useful input and the opportunity to learn from each other’s challenges. Likewise, physical distance isolates, shuttering our view of overall value delivery.

Daycast flattens the hierarchy and bridges the miles, placing teams shoulder to shoulder and working towards the same end goals.

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Daycast helps liberate us from the tyranny of the urgent, unchain us from stifling, time-of-day hours tracking, and push together toward the same shared vision. With Daycast as a daily part of our tool set, we deliver more value with our time.

We hope it helps you too.

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