Start with a plan.

Plan Your Days
Example: Daycast with the FreshBooks integration


Pull tasks and projects from integrated tools or simply type to create your own, and you can easily build a day plan that advances your goals and minimizes reliance on interruptive tools and habits.

• Ditch the inbox-as-administrator mindset
• Make space to work deeply

Helpful planning features: Task Time Estimation | Task Reminders


A plan that doubles as a time tracker.

Track Your Time
Example: Daycast with the FreshBooks integration


Log in and out of tasks as you work, and Daycast will track time for you. With just a click, send time logged on FreshBooks projects to an integrated account or export time to a csv file.

• Forget watching the clock
• Track without trying

Helpful tracking features: Status Reminders | Reports


And triples as a team communicator.

Update Your Team
Example: Daycast with the FreshBooks integration


As you progress through your day, Daycast continually updates your changing status to your team. Get up-to-the-minute views of teammates’ day plans—no interruptions necessary.

• Increase visibility
• Decrease disruptions

Helpful communication features: Customizable Status | Easy Filtering


Watch your productivity increase.

Work from your plan in Daycast—not inboxes and notifications. Give it thirty days. During that time, Daycast’s gentle assistance will shape your work habits into more productive, sustainable patterns. It will happen subtly, unobtrusively. You might not even notice anything’s changed until you look around after two to three weeks and realize, “Oh. I’m getting more done. And I’m … less stressed. How?”

Here’s how: By using Daycast, you’ve distanced yourself from the siren call of hollow busyness and begun to work more intentionally. You’ve saved yourself all kinds of time and hassle by tracking your hours right from your base of operations. Your team is more informed while fielding fewer interruptions. More than ever, you’re making the most of your time.

Well done.