Customize Your Status

Daycast broadcasts your status to your teammates (and vice versa) via the User Panel. You can customize it anytime to keep your team informed and up to date whether you're clocked in and working or not.

Clocked-In Status
Away Status

Customize Your Clocked-In Status

When you clock into a task, the status text beneath your name updates automatically with the task description. You can change that status text by clicking it and typing your custom status in the update field that appears.

Get team transparency with Daycast

You can do the same thing with your Away status.

Customize Your Away Status

Click Away in the Status Bar and the update field will appear. You can choose one of Daycast's custom statuses from the dropdown menu or create your own.

Daycast makes team communication easy

Daycast will save the custom statuses you create and include them in the status dropdown menu for future use. The goal? To keep team visibility high without a lot of effort. (See the FAQ for answers to common questions about team transparency and privacy.)

Up Next: You now have all you need to plan your day, track your time, and update your team using Daycast. If you’d like to use Pivotal Tracker or FreshBooks with Daycast, learn how in the Integrate Services guides. Otherwise, happy ‘casting!