Add Teammates

Invite Teammates

Daycast users can invite people to use the app as a member of their team. Whether you’re a solo user or already on an existing team, the process is the same.

1. Click Invite teammate in the User Panel.

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2. Fill out the form and click Invite!
Your teammate will receive an email invitation on your behalf. Meanwhile, you’ll see their name appear in your User Panel. Notice it appears with the status Invited in italics beneath.

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3. Your teammate will need to follow the link in their invite email and set up their account.
They'll simply choose a password, opt in or out of Daycast communications, and agree to the Terms of Service.

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That's it!

Those on existing teams can add teammates in the same way. Anyone on the team can send an invitation, and all team members can see the invited user in the User Panel. (Note that existing users cannot join teams at this time; when joining a team, users must create a new account.)

Day Planner Time Tracker App for Teams

View Teammates' Day Plans

Once they’re set up and using Daycast, you’ll be able to see your new teammate's status updates in your User Panel. You can view their Day Plan by clicking on their name.

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They’ll be able to view your status and Day Plan by clicking on your name from their end.

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Filter Teammates

You’re free to filter teammates out of your User Panel anytime by clicking Filter People in the Tools Panel and clicking on the name of the team member you’d like to hide. Click elsewhere in the app to see the change in your User Panel.

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Make hidden teammates visible again by clicking Person/People Hidden and selecting them. In this way, you can customize your User Panel to suit your projects and tasks for the day. (See the FAQ for answers to common questions about team transparency and privacy.)

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