Track Your Time

Time is inexorable, but that doesn't mean it can't be leveraged. With a mindful approach to day planning and the flexibility to reroute, time becomes a tool rather than a tyrant. Add in the ability to collect meaningful data about how that tool is performing, and true time management is possible.

On this page, you'll learn to:

Clock In and Out

Close Your Work Session

View Logged Time

Use the Time Report Feature

Up Next: Next, we’ll show you how to Add Teammates. If you’ll be using Daycast solo, skip over to Integrate Services for a walkthrough on using Daycast with Pivotal Tracker, Basecamp Classic, or FreshBooks. Not planning to integrate? No problem. You know your way around, how to add tasks and projects, and how to track your time—everything you need to get out there and own your day. Happy ‘casting!