Do You Struggle With Time Management?

  • Are distractions killing your focus?
  • Do your workdays feel busy but fruitless?
  • Did your last time management effort give you headaches?
  • Is time tracking an interruptive chore?
  • Are your best ideas gathering dust?
  • Does updating your team mean breaking your concentration?


3 Easy Steps To Greater Productivity

 Day planning with Daycast

Step 1: Plan

Build a day plan that advances your goals and minimizes reliance on interruptive habits.

 Time tracking with Daycast

Step 2: Track

Seamlessly track your time by logging in and out of tasks in your day plan as you work.

 Team transparency with Daycast

Step 3: Inform

Effortlessly update your team—your status updates automatically to reflect your current task.



"Daycast has streamlined the reporting process immensely."

Dave Atkinson, IO Solutions


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