Integrate Office 365 Calendar

If you use Office 365 Calendar for scheduling, you can automatically import calendar items into your Daycast, making day planning quicker and easier.

Click the vertical ellipsis at the far right in the Week Panel and select Integrations from the drop-down menu.

Daycast Office 365 Calendar Integration

2. Add Integration

Click anywhere in the Office 365 Calendar configuration row to expand it, then click Add Integration.

Integrating Office 365 Calendar with Daycast

3. Connect to Daycast

In your browser, you’ll see a prompt to choose the Microsoft account you want to import calendar items from. Select the account you’d like to sync with Daycast (if you’re not already signed in to your chosen Microsoft account, you’ll be guided to do so after picking your account).

Integrating Office 365 Calendar with Daycast

Daycast will connect with your Microsoft account, and you’ll see a short guide to using Office 365 Calendar with Daycast. While you tour the integration there, Daycast will take a few moments to sync your Office 365 Calendar data.

Questions about Daycast’s Office 365 Calendar integration? Find the FAQ here.