1. When adding a task from an integrated service, expanding/collapsing groupings in the menu caused it to close
  2. It wasn't possible to view elided portions of teammates' task descriptions
  3. Long names were overlapping other text in the time report
  4. Error messages were unclear when an invited individual already had an account
  5. Task completion checkmark was small and easy to miss
  6. Authenticating the FreshBooks integration was not working due to an incorrect callback URL
  7. If a user only had one project in Basecamp, Daycast’s startup process would hang
  8. Subscriptions weren’t working due to the payment form being in a removed element
  9. The Welcome To Daycast! tour invitation and Learning About Daycast task weren't coming up for the new user on startup


  1. Moved the Options Menu dropdown to the far upper-right in the Week Panel
  2. Improved wording and appearance of invitation and password reset emails
  3. Hid the glyph users click to pull tasks from integrated tools in cases where there are no integrations present
  4. Made email list option checkboxes in account setup default to unchecked rather than checked
  5. Simplified and re-worded the in-app tour as well as the account creation and invitation pages


  1. Sync data to local database for better performance & offline support
  2. Allow forwarding a task to multiple days
  3. More quotes to the loading screen
  4. Ability to cancel your account (individual and/or entire team)
  5. Link to the User Guides inside the app
  6. Make horizontal layout work well at narrow and wide window sizes
  7. Display syncing progress in sidebar
  8. Double-click to select the first option in the copy-forward dropdown menu
  9. A (1) suffix for new team members with the same name as an existing team member; email addresses displayed on hover
  10. Ability to change your first and last name
  11. Simple invitation management (it was somewhat confusing before)


  1. Newsletter subscription option checkbox from account setup—we don't have a newsletter (we do have a blog!)