1. The Forecast Your Day pane header text was unnecessarily selectable, and the message when that pane is empty wasn't clear. Now you can't select what you needn't select and the void, when it appears, makes sense.
  2. The Feedback link in the footer pointed to a headache-inducing survey. As of this version, when you click that link you land on our Contact page. No aspirin required.
  3. Some users found their custom status disappearing as they typed it. This was a bug. It's been squashed. Customize away.
  4. When new users first landed in the app, they couldn't dismiss the tour invitation that pops up. As useful as we think our tour is, we also think you should be able to decline it. Now you can.
  5. Similarly, if a user closed the tour then navigated somewhere else in the app, the (very eager) tour would start again when they navigated back to their Day Plan. (Blimey.) You should be able to end the tour now without fear of it starting up again.


  1. As the Feedback and Tutorials links in the footer open in the users' browsers rather than inside the app, we added icons next to those links to communicate that.