1. Added autocomplete on task description
  2. Added auto-selection of projects based on external projects
  3. Added more start-up quotes
  4. Added warning if user is clocking into a day other than today


  1. Removed local history


  1. Updates & fixes to the in-app tutorial
  2. Moved projects to the right
  3. Made links in other users’ unsubmitted task alerts work
  4. Fixed bug where the project menu would disappear after switching weeks
  5. Fixed bug where typing in a project drop-down will appear briefly and then disappear
  6. Fixed bug where project text would end up in the status
  7. Reminder updates didn’t survive a connection disruption
  8. Fixed items appearing twice in Forecast Your Day
  9. Removed empty project headers when searching for links
  10. Fixed sluggish performance
  11. Fixed duplicate items being created by Forecast Your Day