1. The email address tooltips (that appeared when mousing over names in the user panel) were off-center and getting clipped off. Now if you hover over a teammate's name, you'll see a popup displaying their name and full email address.
  2. When adding tasks, the autocomplete feature was too aggressive, making it harder than it needed to be to add new items that contained similarities to cached items. Now Daycast will make suggestions, but you'll be free to either A) ignore them or B) arrow down or click to select one of the suggestions.
  3. Also in Unnecessarily Aggressive App Features news, the tour invitation popup was continuing to pop up—even after being dismissed—until users closed and reopened Daycast. We've remedied that. Close the popup once and it will leave you alone.


  1. We added a new Get Help popup menu and consolidated most of the footer links into it. Want to view the tutorials or tour, submit feedback, or open a support ticket? You can find all those links in the new Get Help menu.
  2. We also added tooltips for the options menu (the three stacked dots at the top right of the app) and for the arrows used to navigate to previous and next weeks.