1. Added Terms of Service checkbox to invitee new account setup
  2. Added tooltips on clocks, checkmarks & Finalize button
  3. Added blank slate for Task Sources
  4. Added blank slate for External Task Link menu
  5. Added churning animation when sending tasks forward, fixed send-forward bug
  6. Added basic time report
  7. Added "Basecamp Projects:" header, project menu blank slate & link to add new BC project


  1. Fixed permanent churn of the hours total & reconfigured how totals are calculated
  2. Fixed stuck disconnected nav tooltip
  3. Fixed broken disconnected sidebar tooltip
  4. Fixed bug where backspace on selected first word deletes the task
  5. Fixed incorrect invite links (invite action doesn’t reset state properly)
  6. Fixed external-link tooltip covering up the menu
  7. Refreshed Integrations UI
  8. Fixed a couple bugs with the Task Sources project filter menu
  9. Made week/day totals include currently-clocked task, even if not in selected day