1. Flat UI (tasks are no longer grouped under projects)


  1. Removed old header, moved functionality to the sidebar
  2. Daycast icon in corner of app


  1. Fixed “You’ve been busy!” message so it’s correct for other users
  2. It’s possible to click In button and get an IN status without a task ID
  3. Dropped project dropdown saturation (to 30-50%)
  4. More clearly style other people’s task completion checkmarks as disabled
  5. Save project changes sooner (on autocomplete/arrow-key selection)
  6. Fix single-click (not click-and-hold) drag bug
  7. Fixed CSS white styling spilling over to all links in dropdown
  8. Fixed bug where it was not remembering last Away/Out statuses
  9. Task forward spinner should be visible when not hovering over it
  10. Fixed various performance problems
  11. Fixed bug where it looks like others are clocked into a task when they’re away
  12. Minor fixes to startup quotes
  13. Fixed bug where simultaneously-forwarded tasks could be lumped into the same project