1. Enter on a task names takes user to next task name


  1. Kept project vitamins from showing through the footer & task sources
  2. Fixed positioning when there are no billing categories
  3. Switched from drag-and-drop to check glyphs in Task Sources, added Recent Tasks
  4. Fixed Stripe form bug caused by JIT stripe form creation
  5. Switched to smaller project vitamins that expand
  6. Made project vitamins less “loud” visually & made them carry more info
  7. Cleanup footer by moving days remaining to tooltip & subscribe button to popup
  8. Fixed bug re: “last month” setting on time report
  9. Fixed bug when attempting to add task for another user
  10. Fixed positioning of locked tooltip
  11. Fixed visibility of “Invite a Teammate link” due to color changes
  12. Fixed “cannot read property tasks of null”
  13. Fixed alignment of tour popup
  14. Fix intermittent failure of task update being reflected in status
  15. Fixed visibility of in/away styling due to color changes
  16. Added Recent Tasks API, in preparation for adding it to Task Sources pane
  17. Fixed sidebar so clicking on yourself doesn’t trigger the drop-down menu unless you click the arrow
  18. Fixed autocomplete-on-backspace behavior in project selector
  19. Fixed visibility of clock glyph after dragging task
  20. Indicate when items have failed to submit to the backend


  1. Copy to Clipboard menu item