1. Users that opted to hide team members from their User Panel may have found themselves unable to later un-hide those filtered-out team members. Now you can filter and unfilter to your heart’s content.
  2. In some operating systems, if a user attempted to forward a task near the bottom of their day plan by double-clicking, a vertical scrollbar was introduced (due to the length of the forward menu) that shifted the screen and prevented the second click from landing where it ought to. That’s no longer the case. Forward away!
  3. When manually entering a task to your day plan, if you also linked the task to an external source (e.g. Pivotal Tracker, Basecamp), the task title from the external source would then override your manually-entered text. We’ve fixed that. Users can now link a task they’ve entered manually to an external source without losing their custom task description.
  4. On rare occasions, some users found themselves inexplicably logged out of Daycast and would have to log in again. This was a bug. It’s been fixed.
  5. In certain circumstances, users with an existing Basecamp integration who then also integrated FreshBooks would discover their Basecamp integration removed. That won’t happen anymore.


  1. Users will now see a reload option and a link to our status page on the splash screen when something stalls Daycast loading.
  2. Similarly, when Daycast delivers a Reconnecting message, users are now offered a link to our status page within that message.
  3. When you clock out of a task or click Away, you’ll now be prompted to update your status.
  4. If a user’s FreshBooks integration authorization has been revoked on the FreshBooks account side, Daycast will deliver a message in the app that notifies the user of the revocation and offers a link the user can click to reinstate the authorization.
  5. If you enter an invalid email address when creating your Daycast account, you’ll receive a notification on the account setup page alerting you that the address you entered isn’t valid.
  6. We decided that if you’ve checked the Terms of Service agreement box on account setup, you shouldn’t have to re-check it every time you log into Daycast. So we added a pre-check to the login screen.
  7. Users who’ve enabled reminders (via Settings > Preferences) will notice that, while clocked in, reminders now include the task description.
  8. New users will now receive an email two hours after creating an account that shares three tips we believe will help you get the most out of Daycast.
  9. We’ve added in-page validation on our account setup page so that the Create Account button is only clickable when there are no errors.
  10. In the app Settings, there’s now a Privacy tab. We moved all privacy-related options under this tab.


  1. We took away the Out option at the top of the User Panel. Now users are either In or Away.