1. Some users began encountering a new and irritating bug that caused them to have to log in each and every time Daycast was started or refreshed (via F5). This shouldn’t happen anymore. Once logged in, you’ll stay logged in. Unless, of course, you explicitly log out.
  2. When using Daycast’s Time Report to generate a record of unsubmitted time, some users discovered that not all time entries showed up and those that did were sometimes inaccurate. As of this release, reports on unsubmitted time are complete, accurate, and up-to-the-minute.
  3. At least one user ran into an error when attempting to delete a team. This was a bug. It’s been exterminated.
  4. Users who changed their display name (via Settings > Account) may have discovered that when they logged out of Daycast and back in, their display name reverted to the previous one. We’ve fixed that. Change your name and Daycast will remember to call you by the new one. (It’s basic manners.)