1. FreshBooks users noticed that internal (i.e. clientless) projects were appended with "(undefined)" when selected. As troubling as this postscript may have been, be assured that time logged in Daycast against internal FreshBooks projects was not affected; in this case, “undefined” simply meant “not assigned to a FreshBooks client.” Even so, we nixed it. Internal FreshBooks projects simply show up by name when selected now. (Unless there are projects of the same name in other sources, in which case: See number two.)
  2. Projects that share the same name but are pulled from different sources (i.e. Basecamp Classic, FreshBooks, Daycast) were appended with the organization’s name. This meant, for instance, that if you had an XYZ Industries Basecamp Classic account and an XYZ Industries FreshBooks account, choosing a project titled “Admin” from one or the other would display the project in your day plan like so: Admin (XYZ Industries), which didn’t seem helpful. That same scenario now displays the project in your day plan as either Admin (Basecamp) or Admin (FreshBooks) depending on the source you select.
  3. At least one user encountered a bug that caused their subscription attempt to fail and (as if that wasn’t annoying enough) didn’t return an error message of any kind. The subscription attempt appeared to succeed, in fact. This only occurred when users happened to submit payment information during a periodic refresh of the Daycast app’s footer. A rare and unique bug, indeed. Goodbye, bug.


  1. Users who enable task reminders (via Settings > Preferences) will now receive notifications five minutes prior to the times indicated in their tasks. For example, ‘Call w/dev team @1pm’ will prompt a reminder alert at 12:55pm.
  2. The tour—which users can take anytime via Get Help > Start tour—now includes a guided visit through the Integrations section of the app.
  3. Want to export a time report to a CSV file? Now you can. Simply click the time report icon in the top, right-hand side of the app (to the immediate left of your running time total for the week), select your report parameters, and click Generate Report. You’ll see a clickable text link titled Download CSV file at the bottom of the app window. Click the link, choose where you want to save your file, and you’re in business.
  4. Users now have the ability to unfinalize previously finalized tasks. To do so, click the lock glyph, which, as of this release, appears to the right rather than to the left of tasks. This action unlocks your task for editing, after which you can submit the corrected task/time by clicking Re-Finalize Day.