1. A few users encountered a blank screen after navigating to Settings, returning to the day plan, then going back to Settings again. Only restarting or refreshing the app would resolve it. This bug has been exterminated.
  2. Tasks added to a user’s day plan within the previous seven days and marked complete once were appearing in the recent and recurring tasks dropdown menu, which doesn’t make sense. We’ve corrected that. The only tasks you’ll see in that list have either A) been added to your day plan within the last seven days and not marked complete, or B) been added to your day plan and marked complete at least twice within the last seven days.
  3. One user reported that they weren’t seeing the Finalize Day button text change to Submitting Time when clicked, which generated a bit of unease. Was the logged time submitted or not? It was. But we’ve fixed this bug. The button text will alert you as it should that your time is being submitted after you click Finalize Day.


  1. Users who include time estimates in their task descriptions will now receive notifications when the amount of time spent on that task reaches the amount specified in the task description. For example, a task entered as, “Review reports ~1hr” will prompt a Daycast alert when the user has logged one hour of time against that task. Similarly, tasks written with greater than or less than symbols—indicating minimum time to spend and maximum time to spend, respectively—will generate a Daycast alert when time logged against those tasks equals the amount of time specified.
  2. A user who wasn’t seeing reminder alerts even though they were enabled discovered that certain settings at the operating system level will block Daycast notifications. We’ve added a notice highlighting that in Preferences. If you enable any of the notification options, you’ll see the notice, which includes a link to the FAQ that explains how to change the blocking settings.