1. Users with a filtered team list noticed that newly invited teammates didn’t appear on the team list—not even as a filter option—until after restarting Daycast. Now anyone you invite to your Daycast team will appear in your team list unfiltered by default.
  2. Also in Team Visibility Bugs: A few users noticed that when navigating to a teammate’s day plan, their teammate’s weekly hours total was hidden from them. That’s been corrected.
  3. Several users encountered repeated errors when creating their accounts. We investigated and discovered an authentication provider rule—Password cannot contain part of username—that was overly rigid (down to the letter) and tripping people up. We turned that rule off.
  4. When prioritizing tasks in their day plan, some users discovered that they couldn’t move a task all the way to the bottom of the task list. Instead, they had to move it to the second-to-last position, then move the last one up. No more work-arounds… you can now move a task to the bottom if you like.
  5. If a time report included teammates’ projects (pulled from integrated tools) that the user wasn’t assigned to, time associated with those projects was labeled, “No Project.” Which isn’t helpful. Now all time will be correctly labeled in time reports, whether the user running the report has access to the project or not.