Block Your Time

TIme blocking with Daycast

Increase your productivity while keeping unrealistic expectations in check by using task time estimates to block out how you plan to use your entire workday.


Prioritize Deep Work

Prioritize deep work with Daycast

You want to get that project done, but your days keep running over you. Try this: Use task time estimates to mark off a few hours per week just for that high value work.


Curb Perfectionism

Curb perfectionism with Daycast

Do you sink hours into tweaks that don’t add notable value? If so, task time estimates can help you say, “Good enough,” and accept imperfection.


Rein In Distractions

Rein in distractions with Daycast

If you’re like us, you can sometimes get a little off course. (Those Medium articles aren’t going to read themselves, eh?) Task time estimates help you focus by setting limits.



Questions about how task time estimates work in Daycast? We’ve got answers.