Day Planning

I’m terrible at day planning. Any tips?

I like to keep my plan chronological, but sometimes I have to add a task after I’ve finished planning my day. Can I move it so it’s not at the bottom of the list?

How far in advance can I plan?

I’d like to add a single task to multiple days at a time. Can I do that?

I’d like to estimate the time I’ll spend on each task in order to better plan my days. Can I do that?

Who can make changes to my day plan?

Time Tracking

Will Daycast keep track of what time of day I started and ended each task?

What if I need to start a task at a particular time? Do I need to set an alert in a separate tool?

I forgot to clock out of a task. How do I fix my time?

I keep forgetting to clock out! Can Daycast help?

Who can edit my time entries?

I keep lots of windows open while I’m working, and I have to dig around for Daycast every time I want to switch tasks. Is there an easier way?

Team Transparency

Who can see my status in Daycast?

Who can see my day plan in Daycast?

I see my teammates’ current status in my Daycast, but I’d like to see what they’re planning to work on later today. How do I do that?

There are thirty users on my Daycast team, but I only work with five on a daily basis. Can I simplify my view?

If I filter a teammate out of my user panel, can I still view their day plan?