Integrate FreshBooks

FreshBooks users can import projects to Daycast and automatically send project hours logged in Daycast back to FreshBooks for invoicing. We’ll show you how.



Prefer video tutorials? Watch here.



Click the vertical ellipsis at the far right in the Week Panel and select Integrations from the drop-down menu.

FreshBooks Day Planner Integration

2. Select FreshBooks

Click in the FreshBooks configuration row to expand it.

Day Planner FreshBooks Integration

3. Add integration

Click Add Integration. You’ll briefly see an Integrating with FreshBooks message in the configuration row, then a browser window will open.

Day Planner App FreshBooks Integration

4. Connect to Daycast

In your browser, you’ll see a prompt to connect your FreshBooks account to Daycast. (If you aren’t already logged into FreshBooks, you’ll first be prompted to do that.) Click Allow Access. FreshBooks and Daycast will sync, and you’ll get the thumbs up there in your browser.

Day Planning Time Tracking FreshBooks Integration

That's it! You're all set to use FreshBooks and Daycast together. To get started, click Back to Tasks in Daycast, then click here or scroll down to continue the visual guide.

FreshBooks Day Planner Integration

5. Add projects from FreshBooks

Click the plus icon in your Day Plan, then click the down arrow in the empty project strip. Select a FreshBooks project.

FreshBooks Day Planning Integration

Then choose or create your corresponding task.

FreshBooks Time Tracking Integration

6. Push Time

Now simply clock into and out of tasks as you work through your day. This integration will push time logged on FreshBooks projects in Daycast to your FreshBooks account when you close your work session by clicking Finalize Day.

FreshBooks Time Tracker Integration

On the FreshBooks side, the time you push from Daycast will collect until you're ready to invoice your client.

Push time - FreshBooks side.png

Now you’re pulling projects and pushing time to FreshBooks. Well done and happy ‘casting! (Questions about using Daycast with FreshBooks? Check our FAQ for answers. You can also watch a short video tutorial on using Daycast with FreshBooks.)