Integrate Pivotal Tracker

If you manage projects with Pivotal Tracker, you can import stories to Daycast and easily add them to your Day Plan. We'll walk you through the steps:

Click the vertical ellipsis at the far right in the Week Panel and select Integrations from the drop-down menu.

Pivotal Tracker Day Planner Integration

2. Select Pivotal Tracker

Click in the Pivotal Tracker configuration row to expand it.

Day Planner Integrates with Pivotal Tracker

3. Go to Your Tracker Profile

You’ll need to log in to Pivotal Tracker and navigate to your profile to find and copy your API token.

Time Tracker App Integrates with Pivotal Tracker

4. Copy the API Token

Highlight and copy the API token at the bottom of your profile page.

daycast Integrations Pivotal Tracker

5. Paste and Test

Paste your API token into the token field in the Pivotal Tracker configuration row. Then click Test.

Day Planner App Integrates with Pivotal Tracker

6. Pass the Test

You should get the green light (top message). If you left off part of your API token, Daycast will let you know the test failed (bottom message). If that happens, just go back and copy your API token from Pivotal Tracker again.

Pivotal Tracker Day Planner Integration

7. Integrate

Click the blue Add Integration button. You’ll see the box to the left of the configuration row checked off and a message letting you know the integration is complete.

Daycast Integrating with Pivotal Tracker

8. Add Tasks from Pivotal Tracker

Click Back to Tasks to add stories using your new integration. Simply click the plus icon in your Day Plan, then click the boxed arrow icon that appears to the right of the text strip. A drop-down menu of Tracker stories will appear. Make your selection and you’re done! Task added.

Add tasks.png

Choose a project to associate with your new task, and you're ready to track time on your Tracker story in Daycast.

Task added.png

You’re all set to add Tracker stories as tasks in Daycast. (Have questions about using Pivotal Tracker with Daycast? Find answers here.) To pull projects or push time, integrate FreshBooks.