1. Upon running the app for the first time, some new users discovered that resizing the window while clocked into Learning About Daycast would cause automatic scrolling. That was a bug. We fixed it.


  1. For some time now we’ve reserved a spot on the integrations page for a Basecamp 2 integration we labelled as Coming Soon. It’s not coming soon. We’ve cleared that real estate for other integrations (like the Google calendar one that actually is coming soon).


  1. Up until this release, users who wanted to update their billing info had to 1) let us know as much, 2) wait for us to disable their subscription, then 3) resubscribe using the new payment card. Which was probably annoying. Now subscribers wishing to update their credit card can do so themselves from within the app. Note that only organization admins can change their Daycast team’s payment method.