1. When users finalized days that included tasks without projects assigned to them, there was no message within the app alerting users to the missing project and subsequent time submission failure. Now there is. If you finalize a day that includes time accrued to a project-less task, a banner will appear directly beneath the week panel, alerting you to the missing project so you can correct it and refinalize.
  2. One user reported that opening a project category from the dropdown menu resulted in all project categories expanding, not just the one they’d selected. That won’t happen now. Only the project category you click to open will expand.


  1. Some users may have noticed the messages (white text on a black background) that appear when mousing over tasks that include time estimates. The wording of those messages wasn’t as clear as it could be, so we altered it for clarity.
  2. Prior to this release, the back arrow—for navigating to previous weeks—was on the far left of the week panel. It’s now on the right with the forward arrow (which has not moved).


  1. The Generate Report button on the time reports screen is gone as of this release. You no longer need it. Any parameter changes you make on this screen will automatically trigger an updated report.


  1. We’ve added a jump-to-today button. It’s blue and lives between the back and forward arrows in the week panel. Click it to get back to the current day when you’re in past or future weeks.
  2. Some new features in the time reports screen:
    • In addition to the pre-existing time parameters, users can now select either This Week or Last Week.
    • Users who are pushing their hours from Daycast to integrated tools can now choose to audit time submissions by selecting Compare with [integrated tool].
    • Also if you’re pushing hours to integrated tools, you’ll now see the integration name your project is associated with in reports.
  3. Users can now change the name of any Daycast project. Simply open the category selector, hover over the Daycast project you’d like to rename, and click the pencil and paper icon. Make your changes, then click Update. (To change the names of integrated projects, edit your project names in the integrated tool and refresh or restart Daycast.)