1. One user reported a rare and exotic bug that made it impossible to save a selection or deselection of projects in the Forecast Your Day panel when exactly two projects are targeted for selection or deselection. Goodbye, strange bug.

  2. Users with a lot of tasks in their day plans may have noticed that the vertical scrollbar was covering up part of the Remove task tooltip and trash can icon, making it difficult to delete a task from your day plan. Which is annoying. We fixed that.


  1. The clock is a little different now. When logged in to a task, the clock hands move steadily to help you know with just a glance that you’re clocked in and tracking time. When tasks include time estimates, the clock takes on a stopwatch-like appearance.

  2. Prior to this release, we automatically sent new users a short series of how-to emails to help them get started with Daycast. Now if you want email from us, you’ll have to opt in when you sign up. We don’t want to send email to anyone that doesn’t want it.


  1. Users who’ve integrated Pivotal Tracker will be pleased to learn that as of this release they no longer have to refresh Daycast in order to pull in newly added Tracker stories. Our syncer runs in five minute intervals, checking Pivotal Tracker for new stories and importing them to Daycast.

  2. If you’ve ever forgotten to clock out of a task and come back to your desk later to find Daycast still racking up the minutes, you’ll appreciate the new Automatic Clock Out feature. Enable it in your Preferences tab and Daycast will log you out when your machine locks, sleeps/shuts down, or both.

  3. Users can now invite existing Daycast account holders to join their team. The process is exactly the same as when inviting a brand new user to your Daycast team, but be sure to use the email address associated with your invitee’s account.

  4. We added sound effects to clock-in and clock-out actions. Disable them or control their volume in your Preferences tab.