The Lay of the Land

Getting around Daycast is simple. We’ll show you the way.

1. Header
Nothing out of the ordinary here. Note that if you close or log out of Daycast without clocking out, time will continue accumulating for the clocked-in task.

2. Status Bar
Displays whether you’re clocked in, at work but not clocked in at the moment (away), or out. You can customize your status when In, Away, or Out in the User Panel.

3. User Panel
You will always be at the top of this list. Add teammates and you’ll see their names and statuses here too. Customize your status in the text area directly below your name.

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4. Week Panel
View the current week and accumulated hours (by both day and week) here. Scroll to the left or right using the arrows to view past or future weeks. Access your Time Report via the paper icon on the right. Click the stacked dots on the far right to view the Options Menu.

5. Day Plan
This is where you’ll add tasks, select your project categories, and finalize your day when your work session has ended. Integrate with Pivotal Tracker, Basecamp Classic, or FreshBooks to pull to-dos and push time. You can also add tasks via the Forecast Your Day tool in the Tools Panel below.

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6. Tools Panel
Hide or unhide teammates via the Filter People tool and add previously used tasks to your Day Plan via the Forecast Your Day tool.

7. Footer
See which version of Daycast you’re running from here. Click Feedback to share your Daycast experience with us, Trial to view your remaining trial days (subscribers will not see this), and Tour to take the in-app guided tour.

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