Get task reminders, unlock tasks, and more In Daycast v1.1.0


On Friday, June 29th we released a new and improved Daycast. Included in this release are three exciting new features designed to support a day-planning, time-tracking philosophy that leads to a less frantic, more measured investment of your greatest resource—your time:

  1. Time-specific task reminders

  2. The ability to unfinalize (and re-finalize) tasks

  3. The ability to export time reports to CSV files

We’ll break each of these upgrades down for you here.

Get task reminders.

Status reminders have been available in Daycast for some time now, and as of this newest release, you can get time-specific task reminders too. Need to start work on a task at a certain time? Instead of fracturing your focus by watching the clock, let Daycast keep an eye on it and alert you when the hour approaches. Use the ‘at’ symbol to specify a time of day in your task description and you’ll get a reminder five minutes prior to that time.

Daycast Task Reminders

Task reminders are enabled by default. To disable them, click the three stacked dots in the upper right corner and choose Settings from the dropdown menu. In the Preferences tab, scroll down to Task Reminders and uncheck the box.

Unfinalize tasks.

We think a graceful close-out at the end of the workday is the first step to a great night's sleep and a high-impact plan for tomorrow. But we found the permanence of the finalize step made us nervous and inclined to put it off, which led to a not-quite-done feeling that subtly nagged at us as we went about our lives outside of work. So we took the finality out of finalizing.

"Only the confidence that you're done with work until the next day can convince your brain to downshift to the level where it can begin to recharge for the next day to follow."

Deep Work, by Cal Newport

Daycast Unfinalize

Nothing's set in stone anymore. Need to edit a task or a time entry? No problem. Just click the lock to unfinalize the task you want to change, then hit Re-Finalize Day when you're done.

Export time reports.

Easily one of our most requested features, now you can export time reports generated in Daycast as CSV files. With just a few clicks, you'll have your logged time where you need it and can get back to your day.

Daycast Export CSV

Start by clicking the lined paper icon in the upper right corner. Daycast defaults to the following parameters: Submitted tasks from This Month for [Logged In User]. You can edit these parameters as you wish, then click the Generate Report button. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the window where you’ll see a Download CSV file text link. Click that link, then save your report where and how you like.

Enjoy Daycast 1.1.0!

In addition to these three new features, we also deployed a few bug fixes in this version. Check out the release notes for details. Got feedback on the new features? Want to request a feature for a later release? Email us anytime at We love hearing from our users, and no request is too big or too small to be considered.

Happy 'casting!


Top photo by Jason Leung